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Elevate Your Shots: A Deep Dive into the Insta360 Extended 10ft Selfie Stick


If you’re an action camera enthusiast or a photographer, capturing unique and dynamic shots is paramount. Whether you’re documenting an adventure, creating stunning landscape shots, or covering an event, the right equipment can transform your footage from ordinary to extraordinary. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick, a tool designed to elevate your filming and photography experience. We’ll explore its features, address the common problems it solves, and ultimately determine if it’s a worthy addition to your gear.

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Product Overview

The Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick is a versatile accessory for action cameras, particularly compatible with Insta360 ONE X2, ONE R, ONE X, and ONE cameras and most any other action cam that utilizes a 1/4inch screw mount. Key features include a standard 1/4′ screw mount, an extendable length from 36cm to 3m or almost 10ft with a camera mounted, and a lightweight carbon fiber shaft. Here are the specifications at a glance:

Key Features

  • Seamless Extension: The Insta360 stick extends smoothly without the need for additional pieces or twist-to-lock mechanisms. This makes it quick and easy to adjust, enhancing the user experience.
  • Superior Length: At its maximum length of 9.8 feet, the Insta360 stick offers greater reach, allowing for more creative and dynamic shots. See a the competitor comparison below.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Made from ultra-light carbon fiber, the Insta360 stick is easy to carry and use for long periods. Its compact size when collapsed (14 inches) ensures it fits easily into any bag.
  • One-Piece Design: The single-piece design of the Insta360 stick eliminates the need for assembly, making it more user-friendly and reliable.

Full calapased it’s around 14 inches or 362mm, banana for scale.

The 10 segments allow for almost infinite length options

Bottom 1/4 inch mount with locking posts for compatible equipment.

Why you want this selfie stick

Achieving Aerial Shots Without a Drone

Drones are fantastic for aerial shots, but they come with significant downsides. Firstly, they are expensive and require a steep learning curve to operate proficiently. Additionally, there are numerous restrictions on where drones can be flown, such as national parks, no-fly zones near airports, and other regulated areas. Furthermore, drones are quite noisy, which can be annoying for people around you, making them less ideal for capturing footage in peaceful environments. The Insta360 selfie stick provides a cost-effective and hassle-free solution, allowing users to achieve breathtaking aerial perspectives without the need for a drone. Its extended length enables you to capture stunning, drone-like shots with ease, without disturbing your surroundings or dealing with regulatory limitations.

Capturing Third-Person Angles

Traditional selfie sticks and handheld shooting limit your ability to capture immersive third-person views. This extended selfie stick lets you achieve wide, dynamic third-person angles, enhancing your storytelling capabilities.

Portability and Convenience

Transporting and storing long selfie sticks can be a hassle, but the Insta360Extended Edition Selfie Stick’s telescoping design solves this problem. Collapsing down to a compact 14 inches, it easily fits into backpacks or travel bags, making it perfect for on-the-go use. This compact, telescoping design ensures the stick is extremely portable and ideal for adventurers who are always on the move. Its lightweight build further enhances its convenience, allowing you to carry it around without any hassle.

Weight and Usability

Heavy and cumbersome selfie sticks can cause arm fatigue during extended use. The Insta360 stick, made from ultra-light carbon fiber, is designed for comfortable, prolonged usage, thanks to its lightweight build and ergonomic grip.

Fit perfectly in camera bag with my Insta 360 3X attached

Creative Flexibility

Fixed-length selfie sticks restrict your creative possibilities. The adjustable length of the Insta360 selfie stick, ranging from 36cm to 3m, offers the flexibility to experiment with various shot compositions and angles. This versatility is perfect for different scenarios, such as getting above a crowd, looking over the edge of a cliff for a breathtaking landscape shot, or any other situation where height is key. With this stick, you can capture the perfect shot every time, ensuring your footage stands out with unique and compelling perspectives.

Detailed Product Review

Design and Build Quality

Crafted from durable carbon fiber, the Insta360 selfie stick boasts a robust and sleek design. The material ensures longevity while maintaining a lightweight profile. Its aesthetic appeal is complemented by a comfortable grip, ensuring it feels good in hand.

Ease of Use

Setting up the Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick is straightforward and user-friendly. Attaching the camera is a breeze, thanks to the standard 1/4′ screw mount on the top. Adjusting the length is seamless, as the stick extends and retracts smoothly without the need for a locking mechanism. It stays in place purely through friction, making it quick and easy to adjust. However, it’s important to note that heavier items could potentially overcome that friction, so it’s best suited for lightweight cameras and accessories.

Additionally, there is a 1/4′ female screw mount on the bottom of the stick, providing the option to attach other accessories, such as tripods or additional mounts. This added feature enhances the versatility of the selfie stick, making it even more convenient for various shooting scenarios.

The end doesn’t articulate, but since this is intended for a 360-degree camera, it’s a moot point. Compared to other selfie sticks, this also provides one less point of failure.


The Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick performs exceptionally well in most scenarios. When held straight up, there are no issues with stability, and it provides steady, professional-looking shots. However, when the stick is held horizontally, there can be a slight bend if the attached camera weighs more than the standard Insta360 cameras. This is a minor issue and doesn’t significantly impact the overall performance, but it’s worth noting if you plan to use heavier camera setups. Overall, the stick maintains stability and sturdiness, ensuring your footage remains clear and stable.

Value for Money

The Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick is a bit more expensive compared to other selfie sticks on the market. However, it stands out as the only one of its kind, offering unparalleled features and quality. While other selfie sticks claim to reach similar lengths, they often require assembling two pieces that need to be screwed together, which can be inconvenient and less stable. The Insta360 selfie stick, on the other hand, offers a seamless, one-piece design that extends smoothly and securely to its full length. Considering its unique features, superior build quality, and the convenience it provides, the Insta360 selfie stick offers excellent value for money. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about capturing high-quality, creative footage.

The Competition

White price is an important factor when choosing a selfie stick, also consider ease of use, portability, and overall performance. To highlight the differences, let’s compare the Insta360 Extended Edition with a popular competitor the Smatree 86.6 Inch Selfie Stick.

Competitor Selfie Stick

  • Assembly Required: One major drawback of the competitor’s selfie stick is the requirement to screw on an additional piece to achieve its full length. This was not clearly advertised, leading to disappointment and inconvenience for many users.
  • Twist-to-Lock Mechanism: Unlike the seamless extension of the Insta360 stick, the competitor uses a twist-to-lock mechanism. This makes it more cumbersome to extend and retract, adding unnecessary steps to the process.

There’s no comparison, even at half the price of the Insta 360 it is not worth it

  • Length and Portability: Even at its full length, the competitor’s selfie stick is almost a foot and a half shorter than the Insta360 stick, limiting its reach and creative potential. Furthermore, it is heavier, making it less ideal for extended use. At 570grams or 1.2pounds it’s almost 50% heavier than the Insta 360 at only 365gram or 0.8pounds.
  • Collapsed Size: When fully collapsed, the competitor’s stick is still longer than the Insta360’s compact 14 inches, making it more difficult to carry and store.
  • Two-Piece Design: The most significant drawback is that the competitor’s stick comes in two pieces, which again was not advertised. This design flaw adds to the hassle of assembly and reduces its overall convenience.

Even attached the second piece and fully extended the Smatree feels well short

Personal Testimonial

As a photographer, I am always on the lookout for equipment that enhances my ability to capture stunning shots. The Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick has become an essential part of my standard gear. I never leave home without it, whether I’m embarking on a new adventure or simply going for a hike.

One of the most memorable experiences I had with this selfie stick was during a cruise to Alaska. The breathtaking landscapes and vast, open seas provided endless opportunities for amazing photos. The best views were often aerial 360° shots, and while everyone else was fighting for a view, I was able to effortlessly extend my selfie stick above the crowds and capture the perfect shot. This tool allowed me to take unique and uninterrupted footage that truly captured the essence of the Alaskan wilderness.

The Insta360 selfie stick’s lightweight design makes it ideal for my hiking trips as well. No matter the terrain, I always take it with me. Its compact size, when collapsed, means it easily fits into my backpack without adding unnecessary weight. This convenience allows me to focus on my hike and photography without worrying about cumbersome gear.

I like to keep it in the outside pocket of my camera bag with a camera attached to it and extended slightly so that I can pretend I’m a Mandalorian.


The Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick is a game-changer for action camera users. It solves common problems like achieving aerial shots without a drone, capturing immersive third-person angles, and ensuring portability and ease of use. Its lightweight, durable design and flexible length options make it a must-have accessory. If you’re looking to elevate your filming capabilities and capture stunning footage, this selfie stick is a worthy investment.

Ready to take your action camera shots to the next level? Purchase the Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick today and unlock endless creative possibilities.

Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick for X3 ONE X2, ONE R, ONE X, ONE Action Camera
  • Get stunning aerial shots with the flick of your wrist
  • Standard 1/4' screw

Additional Q&A:

In our testing, the max is about 1.5 lb (0.7 kg). After that, it’ll start to close on itself. However since the whole system is based on friction, some sections, especially the larger ones near the bottom, might be able to hold up more, but not by much. Over time, this can also change as the friction may decrease with extensive use.

The selfie stick features 10 sections, allowing for flexible adjustment of its length to suit various shooting needs and angles.

The selfie stick is constructed from durable and lightweight carbon fiber, which ensures both robustness and ease of use. The comfortable grip enhances handling during long shooting sessions.

Generally, the Insta360 Selfie Stick can be taken in your carry-on luggage through TSA. However, it’s always a good idea to check the latest TSA guidelines and regulations before traveling, as policies can vary and change.

Yes, the compact design of the selfie stick makes it perfect for travel. When collapsed, it fits easily into backpacks or carry-on luggage.

Absolutely! The extended length of the selfie stick allows you to capture aerial perspectives and third-person angles, creating stunning drone-like shots without needing an actual drone.

The Insta360 selfie stick is designed to be stable and sturdy even when fully extended. There may be a slight bend when a camera is mounted and the stick is fully extended, but this does not significantly impact performance or shot quality. Be mindful of the weight as it is only designed for 360 cameras and other small action cams.

Yes, the selfie stick is made from ultra-light carbon fiber, weighing only 365g (12.9oz). Its lightweight design ensures comfortable use for extended periods without causing arm fatigue.

The selfie stick extends from 36cm (14 inches) to 3m (9.8 feet). When fully collapsed, it measures just 14 inches, making it highly portable and easy to store.

This selfie stick is compatible with Insta360 ONE X2, ONE R, ONE X, and ONE action cameras. It features a standard 1/4′ screw mount, making it versatile for various camera models like a GoPro with the right accessories.

Get it for – $96.99

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